Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Seen and Heard


My two kiddos relaxing on my bed.

Camden came down with his very first cold this past Friday. It was a scary thing listening to my 5 week old cough through that night. Starting at 11, he was rotating between being awake, asleep and crying about every 2 hours that night. In between feeding him on demand I would lay him back down propped up in his cradle in the hopes of both of us getting some much needed rest before the next round. I told my bestie there was NO WAY I would have been able to sleep a wink if I didn't have the Angelcare Sound and Movement monitor. If you've never heard of it and you have a young baby or are about to, click the link. It will save you many sleepless nights I guarantee.

Camden and I returning from the doctor. Riley runs over to greet us.

Mommy and brudder are home!
Brudder not sick anymure!
I sooo 'cited!
Yay, Ridey!

Don't you just love her?

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  1. Oh cool gadget!!! Is that even better than the video monitoring systems? (I love that I know way too much about baby crap for someone who doesn't have a baby yet, ha!).

    Adorable picture!!


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