Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cam's One Month Stats

Yesterday was Camden's one month appointment. Good news is that he's healthy. Bad news is that Riley's bowels waged war on me while we were there. More on that in a moment. So at one month and 4 days Camden is:

11 lbs, 9 oz....93rd percentile
22.5 inches long...82nd percentile

and healthy as a horse. He is big, about the same size as Riley was at this point, but he's not considered off the charts for a boy. He is still in size 1 diapers and is currently wearing 3 month clothes.

As for his personality, so far he is chill unless he is hungry or tired. He must get that from TG. He is also starting to let us know that he loathes the car seat. Poor Riley always looks at me like I'm a bad parent when he is back there wailing.

Sleep wise he is doing well for a nursing baby. He is still off and on asleep for most of the day, takes a big nap when his big sister does in the afternoon, and at night has started going 5-6 hours on the first stretch, then 4 hours, then 2-3 before he is up for the day. We'll see how long this lasts, but for now I'm loving it.

Here's my favorite pic of him and me from this weekend. He is getting so big!

Anyway, as for poor Riley, I just have to blog this so we'll remember someday. My Riley girl is potty trained and I left enough time to take her to the potty before heading up to the doctor's waiting room where I was planning on feeding the little guy. All went well, she was happily playing, I sat down to nurse Cam and then she said urgently, "Mommy, my pee pee coming!". At this point I was holding Cam, with my business hanging out, so I told her to come over so I could slap a pull up on her.

TOO LATE. TOO TOO LATE. As I pulled down her undies with one hand because Cam was in the other I made the discovery no mother wants to make, especially in public. It was not pee pee and it was everywhere. Including all over me.

With Cam in one hand and my business still hanging out, as I had no mess free hand to fix it at this point, I dragged her back to the bathroom in front of the entire waiting room and spent 10 minutes cleaning her.

I thought she was done and we were back getting checked out by the doctor and she did it again (this time in a pull up luckily), but the pull up was no match for this mess. So I changed and cleaned her again. I didn't have two clean shirts so the poor thing ended up wearing a receiving blanket and shorts. She thought she was hot stuff as you can see.

We made it home, she ate lunch and all was fine. Until the mess went for round three. Conveniently when I had just removed the pull up she was in and walked three steps away to grab a clean one. Thank the Lord for Bissell SpotBot and Lysol with bleach shower cleaner.

Round four we made it to the potty. Whew.

So if you were keeping score it was:

Poop: 3
Me: 1

I can handle this and it was kind of humorous, but the saddest part was that Riley kept saying, "I so sorry Mommy, so so sorry."

But you'll be glad to know that her hurt feelings were nothing a little receiving blanket triangle top couldn't fix.


  1. OMG, I think that would be my ultimate nightmare! Kudos to you for keeping your cool. Poor little Riley!

  2. OH NOOOOOOO! I'm crying for you. What a story! You are a trooper :)

  3. this is the best post ever!!! And i love that you got a photo of the outfit! perfect for high school graduation! she is such a cutie! I'm so child would have been naked or rapped in toilet paper but more likely naked...

    Also love the comment on how riley looks at you as a bad parent while camden cries in the carseat. I can only imagine.

  4. Poor Riley! I love how you improvised and made it all work out!!!


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