Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pittsburgh Steelers #1

When Riley was 3 weeks old, Gampy sat down with her and had a chat about where her football allegiance would lie. It was a very serious conversation complete with an explanation of the Three Rivers, the history of the team, and the beauty of the Steeler's logo.

And when he was done they agreed she would be a Steelers fan for life.

Fast forward 2 years and a few months and in a 4 day visit Gampy taught her the Steelers' fight song, how to recognize the logo on cars, and that the #1 in all forms means Pittsburgh Steelers.

I didn't realize the extent of her education until we were in an elevator one day and I told her she could press the number 1 button. As she reached for it with her little finger she looked at me and said, "Pittsburgh Steel-yers". I almost died with pride on the spot.

Not wanting to slight our son, when he was 7 days old Gampy gave Cam the same talk. Like his sister before him Camden agrees it's Pittsburgh baby, all the way. Fist pump.

Hey, start them young, raise them right is what I always say. GO STEELERS!

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  1. Right on! We're from the Pittsburgh area, and my husband's family are HUGE Steelers fans. My kids have been wearing Steelers clothing and watching the games since they were babies!


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