Thursday, June 3, 2010

Seen and Heard


Riley's Aunt Tata has been begging me to get my little Buddha belly into a two piece swimsuit since she was born. I found a super cute Hawaiian patchwork print one at Target a month ago for $2.50. Awesome clearance price = this photo. Eat your heart out Aunt Tata!


Riley jabs herself in the eye by accident in the car.


I hurt myself!
I poke my eye!
It all my fault.
I sorry Ridey, so so sorry.


  1. I love the "I sorry Ridey, so so sorry." Super cute!

  2. My mom didn't let me have a bikini until I was a sophomore in high school! I'm jealous she got one so young!

  3. Dear Dirty,

    You didn't have an NT like NT Tata threatening your mother to put your big belly into a bikini. Luckily, Riley did and I will forever have this AWESOME photo of her. *Note: If she had done this a year ago, said belly would have been MUCH bigger.


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