Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy New Year!

If you've read here long you know I'm always in search of exciting New Year's Eve fun.

Every year that the kids have gotten older, we have gotten a bit more adventurous. It started with a Japanese steakhouse dinner with friends. Then we graduated to a mini party at home with a faux midnight countdown. This year was our biggest adventure yet!

Snowboarding until midnight at Ski Liberty.

After we gave snowboarding a go last winter and realized how much they loved it we upgraded all their gear. Most of it we got on sale after the winter season or on FB sale pages. So now they both have their own boards, helmets, boots and more.

We missed the Thanksgiving snow storm that hit our town, so we had a fangirl moment when we walked into the snowmaking machines.

Going up.  Let's shred.

My favorite snowbunny.

I am there purely in a support role so when they need a break to lay under the snow machines and make snow angels I'm their girl.

I took them for a hot cocoa break to give TG a chance to try out his new board that he got for his birthday.  He's one of those people that had one lesson and now rides like he's been doing it all his life.

So we find two seats at the bench and sit down to take a break in the warmth.  Notice that sign in the background?

In our search for any empty seat to enjoy our hot cocoa we stumbled across a Mechanical Shark ride. It was endlessly entertaining.

Just as Riley was about to take her turn on the shark TG showed up in search of us.  He got to watch them ride that crazy great white and then we all went back out for a few more rides before midnight.

There were fireworks and hugs and well wishes at midnight and then we drove back to our hotel for the night.  Our initial plan was to head back for more snowboarding in the morning.  We hoped the kids would sleep in with a bedtime of 1 am, but that didn't pan out.  After copious amounts of coffee for TG and I we decided everyone was too tired to attempt the slopes again so we headed home for a relaxing New Year's Day on the couch.

Happy 2015 everyone!

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