Thursday, January 8, 2015

June Highlight Reel

June started off with a beautiful Sunday, perfect for lounging outside.

We went to post church lunch, (Pei Wei again!).  While we waited for our food I practiced selfies with my mini.

From lunch we headed to the fountains to work on our pre Hawaii tans and let the kids run themselves silly.

No trip to the fountains is complete without a trip to the custard place.

A couple days later we broke out our own fountains at home.  Driveway sprinkler is much preferred to the grass these days - my kids hate getting their feet muddy.  Weirdos.

Later that week we discovered that some of the kids had gotten poison ivy from our Memorial Day winery and BBQ picnic outing in May.  It was awful - Riley had it particularly bad and some of our friends had it even worse.  Camden apparently is immune to it, as I learned TG is.  I guess those "leaf" necklaces they were making on our picnic were actually poison ivy (which is what I said when Riley came running up to me with one of them, but I was voted down).  I felt really guilty about Riley's poor itchy rashes, but my twinnie made me feel better when she told me "Poison ivy is a badge of honor. We're outdoorsy! If by outdoorsy you mean drinking wine. Outside."  Indeed.

So, our sweet girl had her Kindergarten graduation ceremony while she was covered in poison ivy rash.  She was a little embarrassed by it, but thankfully Gammy bought her the perfect long sleeved dress to hide most of the worst areas.

She ended up receiving the Principal's Citizenship Award and we were so proud of her.  She truly is a caring, intelligent, natural leader and we can't wait to see what the future holds for her.

Look at her proud, gap toothed grin, right after she received her award.  She had just lost tooth number 7 a few nights before.

The time flies.  I can't believe I'm in a photo with our Kindergarten graduate and big boy Cam - and this was already almost a year ago!

We absolutely LOVED Riley's kindergarten teachers.  These two women took her from barely knowing all of her alphabet to reading fluently, writing diligently and learning how to be a good citizen.  I can't say enough good things about them and how fortunate we were to have them for her first year in school.

After her ceremony in the morning we went to enjoy a special fun day together! Our first stop was Chick Fil A - where they were celebrating graduation too.  Riley thought they did this just for her class and I didn't tell her otherwise.

Our next stop was Chuck E Cheese!  I love the way Camden is looking at her.  He was proud of his sister and so excited to have all her attention for the day.

We finished out our afternoon at the fountains yet again, where the girl of the moment alternated between playing in the water and giving me a "spa day" that entailed pouring fountain water on my feet and giving me a shiatsu massage.

Guacamole and margaritas were consumed in copious amounts this month, but there's no better place for them than Uncle Julio's on a kid free couples date.

Where after we ate tons of guac, fajitas and then cupcakes from the bakery - we ended up at Breakers (attempting) to play a few games of pool.

After all the spring rain and sun the backyard jungle could no longer be ignored. We spent a few June Saturdays at Home Depot...

And the Dollar Store where Riley insisted she needed this coconut cup because "I'm Hawaiian and this is very Hawaiian."  I wish that logic worked when I insist that I need to live in Hawaii because I am Hawaiian. TG, are you reading this? #BeachfrontBargainHunt

And of course, there were Mommy and Cam snuggles, because what would a month without that even look like?

Even though this picture screams, "SUMMERTIME!"...

When the last day of school finally arrived, my sweet girl cried big alligator tears because she was so heartbroken to leave her beloved Kindergarten teachers behind.  She grudgingly gave me a tear filled grin with a number one for first grade.

I, on the other hand, was ready to party, but someone needed a nap first.

Can you see my life in this photo?  My blog should be called Stenciled Walls, Monogram Pillows and Disinfectant Spray.

Summer's comin!  In the next blog post.


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