Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hawaii Day 8: Denny's, Waikiki, Surfing, Shopping and the Crab "Fest"

We were all raring to go the next morning thanks to our early bedtime the night before. We got up and moving to my parent's favorite breakfast place. Denny's is only 1/2 a mile from the hotel we were staying in and we pass a Starbucks on the way there to make for the perfect morning eats.

As usual, Cam needed a lift. I should mention that Riley was such a trooper the entire trip and walked everywhere with only occasional complaining.

I love that I can get portuguese sausage, eggs and rice at Denny's in Hawaii.

Riley was begging us for surf lessons this year so we made our way down to the popular surf spot in Waikiki.  Gampy secured an umbrella and chairs for him and Gammy to watch Cam play in the water while TG and I took the "Queen of the Waves" to her instructor.

She was a little intimidated at first, but by the end (when we took this picture) she loved him.  He was awesome, knew just where to take her, knew just what adjustments to make and had her up and surfing on several waves in no time at all.

I do have to give Riley some credit.  She's exactly like TG - she is so in tune with her body and center of balance.  The instructor could give her a small change - move your foot a bit here, adjust your hand just so, turn your head - and she could execute it immediately.

The actual surfing pics we have of her aren't great -- thankfully she was wearing her neon pink rash guard.  I was standing/floating halfway out from shore (that's me just behind her) the whole time waiting to help her head back towards her instructor after every wave and to keep an eye on her in general.  TG took these from the rocks that were pretty far away.

I think this must be the first wave she caught because you can see me cheering on the right side.

Her last ride, of I swear 15-20 rides, she took all the way to shore.  She's hooked of course.  Now if only we lived near the water.

After we hung out under the umbrellas for a few more hours, floating, swimming and playing in the sand Gammy and Gampy graciously agreed to drive the kids to the hotel while TG and I walked back and hit some of the shops in Waikiki.  After naps we went swimming at the hotel pool and that night my Mom and I went on a date to the hotel Crab Fest.  We didn't take a single picture of ourselves which makes me sad, but we had such a good time.

We were very excited to get placed at a table on the grass near the front where the performers would be, until they brought out the crab buckets.  Then the flies descended upon us in droves.  We were feasting on crab, sausage, potatoes and corn cobs under cover of napkins - trying to eat with one hand and protect ourselves with the other.  It wasn't the most ideal experience, but my Mom and I still had a good time.  We stayed until dark and then went for a walk down the beach to see the stars.

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