Tuesday, January 6, 2015

sNOw day 2015

I had to borrow that title from a friend. It's the best way to describe what happened here today. We got almost five inches of snow, but still had school. Let's just say I think the Superintendent's phone might have rung off the literal hook today. It's probably still ringing or dead at this point.

Anyway, when Hubs and Riley got back from school (thank goodness we have the option for him to take the truck on days like this) he shoveled while the kids played in the snow piles. I've become very iPhone dependent for all my photos, but today I pulled out my real camera for a bit.

First, there were snow angels.

Then, there was snowball prep in anticipation of a snowball fight.

Interest in snowball fighting rapidly declined when they realized how cold the snow was down their neck so they decided to start eating their supplies.

Tastes good.

Meanwhile, Hubs was doing this. I asked him to give me his sassiest snow shoveling pose which of course cracked him up.

Suddenly, I was under attack. The minions must have hashed out a plan while I was distracted by my snow shoveling hottie.

I retreated to the garage just in time because then this started happening.

"Make it snow Dad!"  *None of my children were actually harmed in this activity.*

Stay warm out there friends and here's to more successful snow days in our future.

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