Thursday, January 8, 2015

Summer Part 1 : World Cup, Father's Day, VBS, Week of Matt + Lindsay, Big Kid Bikes

I suppose we should start here, with Riley's list for our summer, because in the end she was pretty accurate.

There was "chok".

And more "srpingkuler" and fountain time where we watched the USA on the big screens while the kids kept cool in the fountain.

She forgot Father's Day, but after we cheered for Daddy at his soccer game, we did end up in our "back yard" enjoying dinner and playtime with our friends.

Lord, I can gush about this man, it's been well documented, but I am so thankful for him on Father's Day and the other 364 days of the year.

Then we hit the road for "gigi and papa" so the kids could go to VBS and spend a week at their house. Sometimes the drive is traffic filled and painful, but this particular time it was lovely.  We had 1/2 price milkshakes, rude sound contests and plenty of cloud shape fun on the empty roads that got us there in double quick time.

Upon arrival, we wasted no time getting in their pool!  

Where the kids and TG do a lot of playing and I mostly do this.

The next day TG and I hugged our babies tight, and thanked Gigi and Papa profusely, before hitting the road for home, SOLO.

And so began the #weekofmattandlindsay.  He started with a stop at IKEA on our way back to NOVA, before we went out to watch the next World Cup match with friends that night.

We slept til noon, didn't set foot in a Harris Teeter, ate Chipotle with the teenage lunch crowd at 2 pm, and saw grown up movies, midday, in empty theaters.

We had leisurely shopping dates, and got things done in the light of full day, while watching more World Cup of course.

In the busyness of life with two jobs and two kids I forget how much TG makes me laugh.  He is one of the funniest people I know and for one whole week I got to be all about him again, the way we were in the beginning.  I would never trade our life now to go back, but my God, it's oh so good to get a glimpse of it now and then.  You don't look a day over fast cars and freedom TG.

The week went by quickly, but we were ready to see these smiling faces again.  They even decorated to welcome us back to them!

Then it was back home where we had "bik" time. On the last and hottest day of June, TG took Riley out and practiced riding without training wheels and in a blink she was doing it.  "I just got over my fear.  I climbed right over it!"

Camden immediately proclaimed that he could do it as well and though I was skeptical, within minutes both of our kids were circling our cul de sac without training wheels.   Hail, the conquering victor!

The first part of our summer, was so much fun, it's crazy to say that the second and third were even better, but they were.


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