Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hawaii Day 4: Our 10th Anniversary, Makapuu Hike, Boogie Boarding, Halona Blow Hole

Every year since our fifth anniversary, I have made my desire to return to Hawaii for our tenth anniversary known.

It always went something like this, "Happy sixth anniversary, only four years more until you take me back to celebrate ten years in the place it all began!" TG would playfully roll his eyes at me, but early in 2014 he put his money where my mouth had been and booked our tickets to Hawaii over our tenth anniversary date. Originally our plan had been to return, just the two of us for a week, but when we told Gammy and Gampy that we were going they wanted in and asked us to bring the kids. So it became a party of 6, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

We woke up to these sweet cards from Riley.

We had day plans for hiking and boogie boarding at Makapuu. Anniversary selfie on the way up!

We convinced the kids, who were a little grumpy that we ruled out the walk down to the tide pools FAR below us, to take a picture with their lovebird parents.

Our now complete family.

I think this might be my only solo pic with Gammy and Gampy from the whole trip and I love it.

After a bit of complaining and lots of water stops, we made it to the top! We didn't do the real Makapuu hike on our honeymoon, so it was neat to see it this time around.  The water, sigh, the water.

It took us about two hours roundtrip with sight seeing and breaks for the kids to finish the hike and again TG carried Cam for a good portion of it. We were desperate to get in the water and cool off so we hopped in the car and moved down to Makapuu beach below so TG could boogie board.

On our way there we hopped out at the smaller overlook that we stopped at on our honeymoon to take the same picture only ten years later.

Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail, August 1, 2014.

TG gave Riley a couple of assisted rides first. The water was too rough for her to get out there on her own, so he battled the waves and strong current to appease her need for speed. Then I overruled them both and relegated her and Cam to a (safer) spot on the beach.

On our way back to Hawaii Kai we stopped at the Halona blow hole so the kids could see.  We hit this at a low tide time again so it wasn't as impressive as it can be, but they liked it.   I'm bummed my finger ruined this picture of my Dad giving my kids a geography lesson on the island of Oahu, but I loved the moment.

We got back to the hotel early enough so we could all rest before TG and I headed out to our anniversary dinner at the Bali steakhouse in the Hilton hotel.  We were so grateful to Gammy and Gampy who took the kids to swim, eat ice cream, and watch the fireworks while we enjoyed our evening.

We had a delicious dinner in an open air restaurant with a sunset view of Waikiki.  As soon as it was dark outside they put on their Friday fireworks show, the perfect way to celebrate a big event, in my opinion.

Bali Steak & Seafood Restaurant, August 1, 2014

It's always been inside my head
Suddenly its hardwood floors and feather beds
And children laughing, running up and down the stairs
It would be heaven without going anywhere

And when a dream starts coming true
It feels like destiny like I already knew
Like you were meant for me and me for you
And it feels like I'm right where
I've always belonged
And it feels just like a love song.

13 years of living a love song with him and I knew, the first time I saw him, I just knew.

Happy anniversary my love, God willing, we will have many more.

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