Monday, May 9, 2011

A Trim Please

Yesterday, on Mother's Day, at the tender age of 12 months and 10 days old, our little guy got his first haircut.

Since he's on the younger side I opted for Cartoon Cuts in the event that he might need the distraction. Turns out he's just like his sister and a lollipop will suffice.

A before shot. Look how long his hair hangs over his ears and it's all scruffy on top. I didn't get a back shot, but it was bad, like Tom Brady bad.

My big boy, just hanging out getting his "hairs cut" without a care in the world.

Laughing at Daddy making funny faces at him in the mirror.

I thought for sure he would fidget, but he hardly moved as the man cut all over his head. Then I braced myself when they turned on the buzz clippers because I thought he'd scream.

I underestimated our Cam. He loved every minute of the whole experience and he looks like such a big boy! TG warned me though that now we have started his hair will grow faster and he'll need frequent cuts. That's okay with me, I'll just keep lollipops stocked up.


  1. I'm so glad he did well. He looks so cute!

  2. I can't deal with how cute he is. He looks so excited! I have been dreading this, but you may have finally given me the confidence to try it. :)


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