Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Camden's Barnyard Bash

Cam's birthday party trifecta came to an end on Saturday with a barnyard bash at GCF. With friends and family in tow we headed for the country to spread out and enjoy all the fun at the farm.

We were led to the corn crib by our party hostess.

Where she helped me set up plates and napkins while I busied myself with the decorations I made the night before. Like his cupcake tower.

The 12 months banner with a picture of him from birth and every month until the 12th month.

The gift table with a framed photo of him 8 days old and a photo of him 8 days away from 1 year old.

The place setting complete with bubble favors.

The guest of honor arrived in his new red wagon, a gift from Gigi and Papa.

He snacked on some cheese puffs while he waited for his guests to arrive.

After his third round of "Happy Birthday Dear Camden" and some eating, we all headed over to meet Farmer Bob for our hayride tour of the farm.

We exited the hayride and then it was on to the cow train! MOOOOOOO!

Even Uncle J got a ride.

After that everyone was free to head out on the farm and bounce, feed the animals or play at the playgrounds they have. We all met up at the end in the corn bin. The mama's stretched out in chairs, the Daddy's chatted or corralled children and the kiddos played happily.

It was the perfect end to the perfect day.


  1. Looks like you all have had a blast! I can't get over how big your kiddos are. Riley is so grown up and Cam is slowly moving out of the baby stage into "big boy" stage. He won't stay there long though, they never do. :) Hope all is well!

  2. How fun! That looks like a great place to have a party!


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