Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cam's First Birthday

We did little man's first birthday up right and he had three little parties!

On his birthday twinnie and the junebug crew came over for a playdate and some celebrating. She arrived that morning with donuts for the kiddos and a bottle of wine for me. Don't worry, I saved that wine for dinner and had a donut with the kids.

After lots of busy playtime, we let the older kids help make funfetti cupcakes. They had a grand time. We also discovered that twinnie's 3 year old kid can crack eggs better than I can.

Then it was time to sing and eat. We gathered everyone in the kitchen and gave them all a plate with plenty of frosting and a cupcake. Cam was in heaven and after he tore up his cupcake he went in search of others.

Just look at his path of destruction. Buddy is actually saying thank you in this photo because I saved his cupcake from Camden.

When they were finally done there was frosting everywhere and this sweet little face begging me for more.

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