Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seen and Heard


Spending the beautiful spring days playing at the park with our friends.

Playing with brother's little red wagon. Everyone loves the wagon.

On the iPad. She asks multiple times a day, "Mom, I play the iPad?". If TG or I are using it she sits by us and audibly sighs until it's her turn.


Watching Bieber's baby video, right before the Ludacris interlude
Riley: WOOOO-DA!

Laying in our bed before bedtime watching Spiderman, TG comes in from the shower in his towel to get his clothes.
Riley: Daaaaaaad, you nakey like a jaybird! Put some ca-whoas on man!
Riley: But I like you shiny tushy (disclaimer she did not see his tushy so we're not sure why she said that but we cracked up anyway)

Whenever I leave to go somewhere without her..

Riley: On my weddins day, I'ma mar-wee Air-wee-el! A-cause I wants to be a mermaid, that be my dream come trues Mom.

In the car, at home, in stores, just about anywhere she hears our "dams" - ie jams as I call them.
Riley: Moms, let's ROCK OUT!!!

Riley found a feather outside and wanted to keep it but I told her she had to throw it away.
Riley: Oh, sigh, I wish I could keeps it, but I unnerstans, I'll throws it in da trash myself.

As he points to everything for which he has no words yet...

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