Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let Him Eat Cake

Celebration 2 happened that evening after TG got home from work. I used some of the funfetti batter to make him a mini two layer cake. It looked hideous, but as you will see Camden didn't seem to mind.

After his favorite dinner of IKEA swedish meatballs he was all smiles.

Here comes the blue blob, er, the cake!

He was pretty excited about the flame.

Make a wish Cam!

Camden was hesitant at first, until TG took a glob of icing and put it in his mouth. Then he planted a kung fu grip and put the whole cake in his mouth.

Then with his grip still intact he opted to bring face to cake.

Clearly thrilled to be one year old and eating cake.

The last photo and bite before he decided he was full, shoved his plate across the table and started signing, "all done".

I meant to get a picture of him and Riley together on that day, sadly I didn't. I did want to note for my memory though what an amazing big sister she is. She didn't fuss at all about Cam having a cake all to himself and she loved watching him eat it as much as we did.

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