Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life With A 1 Year Old Boy

Is wonderful, crazy and oh so different than life with a one year old girl.

I think twinnie described it best when she said "Boys are just more aggressive towards life" because he totally is. Give Riley a play oven and rolling pin at age 1 and she would be opening the oven and putting things inside, pseudo baking. Give Camden the same toys and the first thing he does is start banging on it...hard.

Camden LOVES his trucks, cars and construction equipment toys. He pushes them all around the house on his hands and knees making "vroom and grrr" noises.

TG has gotten back into playing his guitar lately and loves playing for and with the kids. Cam loves music. His favorite song is Justin Bieber's Baby. It doesn't matter what he's doing and if he's fussing he will immediately stop and give all attention to the video when we turn it on Music OnDemand.

He is a legit walker now. When we were in Hawaii he learned how to stand back up on his own. He morphed from a Captain Morgan one knee stance to the tripod push back. Now that's mastered we can't stop him from toddling all over. Luckily for now he still listens to me pretty well and comes back when I call him.

Camden's favorite toy of the moment is this ball and hammer toy. It was my best consignment sale purchase of the year for $1. He loves it and is fiercely protective of it. God forbid you should try to take it from him because he's wielding a hammer.

His personality is slowly developing and he has a very slapstick sense of humor. Cam loves things that are just silly, like wearing a teapot lid on your head.

Or a play kitchen skillet, like Johnny Appleseed.

Cam's got a full mouth of teeth, as his eye teeth are FINALLY (thank the Lord) popping through. He's got tiny fangs at the moment, it's pretty cute.

Cam's loud. He's rough. He's definitely tough and he's becoming more and more independent everyday. There's never a dull moment in this life with a 1 year old boy.


  1. He's getting so big! Boys and girls are completely different, that's for sure!

  2. He's so cute! So many things remind me of Finn...the "hats", the banging on the kitchen set, the driving around of the trucks. I do agree with Twinnie! They seem to grab life by the horns! I love it!


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