Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A KC Thanksgiving

We went home for Thanksgiving this year!

Gammy was in town for a few days before our trip and flew back home on the same flight with us.  It's always nice to have an extra set of hands when traveling with kids.

Riding the train to our terminal.  He was only slightly nervous.

Old flying pros, hanging out before our flight. I love how they are all preoccupied with their favorite past time.

Oh hey Gammy! Even though we booked our flights separately we ended up in the same row.

Whenever I go home I go off grid. I barely check my phone and just enjoy the time with my family. So there's hardly any pictures of our trip and I have exactly ZERO pictures of our actual Thanksgiving dinner.  Whoops.  I did get pictures of some of our adventures with Tata!

We decided to visit Santa in KC so we could get a cousin photo.

We ate at Fritz's so Camden could see the trains in action. For those of you not familiar with KC, Fritz's is a restaurant where trains chug around on tracks above the tables and bring you your food.  It is cool, especially if you are a mega train lover like Camden.  He wouldn't even look at the camera because he was too busy watching the trains go around.

You also get to wear these adorable engineer hats.

Riley was the only child that wanted to ride the double decker carousel at the mall. Here's a peek back at her first ride on this carousel.  Oh how the years go by.

They had a few opportunities to "swim" in Gammy and Gampy's tub after their nightly circuit training with my Dad. I wish I had gotten a photo of it, but he would take all three kids and pull out three random pieces of exercise equipment like the push up bar, twisting circle, and free weights.  Then he would cycle them through the activities until they were worn out, seriously, this went on for thirty minutes at a time.  The man is a genius.

We did a standing rib roast dinner night at Aunt Tata's per tradition and the kiddos opened their Christmas gifts from the family early.  I know there are photos of that somewhere, but I think Tata must have them.  One of them was a priceless photo of my child opening a gift that she really wanted.

As always, the trip was over in a flash and it was time for us to leave.  I always look forward to seeing my family and I dread the goodbyes.  Gammy and Gampy took us to the airport and I did remember to get at least one photo of the four of them together before we left.

My poor, patient husband was consoling my heartbroken self for a while on the plane.  Once I mopped up the tears we both looked over and realized that for the first time ever our kids were in their own row, happily occupied, and QUIET.   They were not squeezed into our laps and TG dubbed us in "poor man's first class".

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