Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Halloween Festivities

We had a busy Halloween season this year so I made sure to buy their costumes early. One Saturday after brunch with family I took Riley and Camden to the Disney Store so they could choose. They were expensive, but for as many times as they wore them this fall it was worth the money and they live on in our dress up collection.

Meet Merida and Buzz.  Just look at those happy faces as they modeled their choices for TG when we got home.

After skipping Air and Space for a year I talked TG into going again.  I got in on the fun and went as a cat.  They were so excited that I dressed up with them (by drawing on my face with eyeliner and wearing a $2 Walgreens headband).  It's the little things.

We checked out all the planes and exhibits and at one point when I asked Camden if I could take his picture he gave me this pose.

The whole museum is set up with treat stations, crafts, science experiments, story times, and character photo ops. They even had a Stay Puft marshmallow man - but neither of them would get close enough for a photo with him.  Riley was more excited to meet a fellow princess!

I should mention that when she chose Merida she insisted on having the red wig too.  We found out in the Disney store that they no longer made the wig so TG and I searched several stores before finally finding one.  However, once we put the wig on for the first time Riley was less than pleased and said "I look crazy!"  It was a crazy wig, but we convinced her that red, very curly hair is part of Merida's look and she relented.

Camden could not have been happier with his entire Buzz Lightyear get up.   Our little space man with a version of the real deal.

I'm not sure Buzz Lightyear would approve of an alien face paint, but then again maybe he would if it was an act of subterfuge.

At the end of the night they both had shed at least part of their costumes and TG and I were so tired, but these two were going strong. 

Halloween was on a week day so they both had parades and parties at school where they wore their costumes again.  TG was able to sneak out of his class and see Riley at her parade and hang out for part of her party.

She's pretty cute but that Ninja turtle kid in the background is killing it with his shell game.

After resting up for the big show we donned the costumes one last time and headed out to trick or treat.  Somehow this is the only photo I got of them dressed up that night.

The best action shot I could get.  These two were a blur of activity as they ran from house to house.  Camden said "Happy Halloween!" in the sweetest voice at every house and charmed most of the people into giving him more than his fair share of goodies.   Thankfully the weather cooperated and we were able to visit about three streets worth of homes before their little legs were done and their buckets were full.

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