Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Seriously, the LAST trip of the summer of 2013

After a few glorious days at the lake we loaded up and continued south to Gigi and Papa's house for one last visit before we had to settle back into the routine of work and school.

Gigi treated us to a trip to Busch Gardens and for the first time we ventured out to the big kid rides instead of hanging in the Sesame section only. Riley rode the tower, two roller coasters, and other crazy thrill rides. Camden upgraded to the swings, teacups, and bumper cars, though they wouldn't let him on the splash ride because he was just an inch too short which broke his heart. To this day he asks me if he is tall enough now for that ride. #scarredforlife

Waiting for the Verbolten, her first real roller coaster ride! It was cold in this part after being out in the heat!


Waiting for the pirate ship ride which they loved so much we rode it twice.

We spent the rest of our visit lounging by Gigi and Papa's pool and enjoying their company. The kids love to explore in their back yard. Riley found this fat guy just about ready for his cocoon!

She said "I will call you Caterpillar!  And you will be my Caterpillar!"  Indeed.

When we got home we had just over a week left of sweet summer time to enjoy those last minutes of sunshine with nothing really to do each day, but have adventures and fun together.  It was hard to "leave the paradise behind" but we were so fortunate to have the amazing summer we did and all the time together as a family.

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