Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fall 2013, part 1

I'm so behind on blogging there is no way I'll be able to blog all the things that happened this fall so here's a recap of what we had going on!

We were ready for some football! This is the only time we're a house divided. It was a sad year for our Steelers, but we're already excited for next season.

We visited Great Falls one sunny weekend. We hiked further than we've ever gone before and the kids were beat by the time that we made it back to the car.

There were lots of kayakers out that day for us to watch.

We decided to paint pumpkins this year instead of carving them. The kids both had their own idea and did a pretty good job, plus it was much less messy and they were able to be more involved in the actual process.  

Cam's was Rafael and Riley's was a minion.  I loved them and they lasted forever outside!

There were many hours spent scootering and stride biking around our neighborhood.

We had fun at a local fair.

Cheered for Daddy at his annual staff softball game.

Slept…a lot.

Played at the park as often as we could.

Dressed up for her first picture day at school while her brother bounced on the trampoline in his ninja turtle footie pjs.  Let's be real, the kid probably only got dressed 50% of the days this year.  He's happiest in his pjs.

She also had her first rock wall experience at the Bluemont Fair where for the first year ever I was a vendor with my business partner and friend.

And she mounted up for a horseback ride that my dear friend was kind enough to take her to while we were busy working at the fair. She looks so grown up here I can hardly believe the first time we went to this fair she wasn't even a year old!

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