Tuesday, April 29, 2014

9 Years Later

TG and I celebrated 9 years of marriage in 2013.  Not every day is perfect and magical, but I am thankful for him all the time.  I give thanks in prayer for this man daily and cannot adequately describe to you how blessed I feel to have married this man.  I often think that our life is simple, but it is so full of genuine love and laughter and happiness and I just can't imagine what else in this world could mean more than that.

We made 2013's celebration a family affair and finally gave into Riley's request for a fancy dinner out.  We let her put on a party dress and had dinner at Melting Pot.  It was not their first time eating fondue, but it was their first Melting Pot trip which is an experience.

The food was delicious as always and we had fun making little memories like fondue fork fighting over the cheese course and making marshmallow people when the chocolate course came out.

It's a horrible photo, but Camden thought the chocolate face we made on this marshmallow was hysterical.

Our little family of 4.

He came for the chocolate and marshmallows and lots of them.

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