Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Last of the Florida Trip

We got home from Disney World close to 1 am and everyone had to shower before we got in bed so we were still sound asleep the next morning by 9:30 am.   We would have missed our continental breakfast routine if not for Gammy who somehow woke up spry at 7.  So everyone got up and ate, hung out for a bit and then went right back to bed to take huge naps before waking up again somewhat more rested from the exertions of Disney.

We had to make a quick trip to the area mall so Tata could get her phone fixed.  My kids were pretty excited about the M&M store there.  I love the rainbow wall of M&M colors.  It makes my creative side so happy.  The chocolate made my kids happy even though it was seriously marked up.

That night was Tata and Rylan's last night before they had to make the drive back to Charlotte solo to catch their flight home.  So we hung out at the pool and Tata, the amazing aunt, played with all three of them in the water.

It was dark by the time they were finally worn out.  The next day, in an effort to cheer ourselves up after Tata and Rylan left, we went with Gammy to Sea World's water park Aquatica.  We rode water slides, visited the wave pools, played in the huge water playground, cruised the lazy river and raced around the rapids.  The rapids were our favorite activity of the day and had all of us giggling as we whirled around and around.

The next day we visited the halau convention and saw some awesome performances before it was time for Gammy to take us to the airport.  My amazing husband knew I would be exhausted from the trip and insisted on flying us home instead of me making the long drive back with our kiddos by myself.  I was so thankful he convinced me to do that.  So we bid our tearful farewells to Gammy at the Orlando airport and took the quick flight home to be reunited with TG.


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