Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fall 2013, part 2

Trips to the craft store were just part of everyday life this fall as I was constantly in need of supplies for the painting business. Riley and Camden were troopers about it as long as I let them browse the kids section every now and then.

Thomas was Camden's fall obsession and we spent many hours building tracks and watching trains chug chug chug.

Riley lost her first top tooth! At this point we're up to six with two more wiggly.

She and I spent a nap time working on her turkey disguise for school. Meet Rapunzkey!

We visited TG at a Sunday soccer game to cheer, "Go Daddy!" very loudly from the sidelines.

There were frequent trips to the park as the last of the warm fall days lingered into November. Cam discovered barefoot track running.

I snuggled my babies every chance that I got.

This little fellow got his first (probably last) tuxedo t-shirt.

We saw a movie in our pjs.

Riley showed off her handy work at American Education Week .

She dabbled in cheerleading this fall for a few months and loved it!

Then it was time for Elfie to come again! He came bearing gifts of new Christmas jammies and special Christmas pillowcases to sleep on for the month.

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