Tuesday, April 29, 2014

LKA Time

After a week at home we hit the road again for Lake Anna. For the past three years we have spent part of each summer there and because of the generosity of our friends we can get away from the world for a few days and soak up the sun.  We love getting out on the water and just enjoy hanging out with these friends that are like family.

They take us tubing.

And wakeboarding.

They feed us delicious homemade food and let our kids take over and play in their amazing lake house.

They take us cruising around the lake and sometimes we stop for food lake side where flip flops are welcome and apparently shirts for kids are optional.

They let us on their jet skis even though this little driver has a scary need for speed.

Then they round out their day by endlessly circling the cove trying to get the water just right so TG can wake surf.

And when he gets it, which believe me, is not easy for the driver or the surfer, I get to see his boyish grin. Swoon.

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