Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Front Porch Fix: AT Project #9

Way back in March I started my container garden. I am dreaming of a real garden, but our backyard needs some work first. We just haven't had time to get to it in our first year here because we've focused all our attention on the front yard.

TG has worked hard on the front, planting a tree, adding new bushes and seasonal flowers, and restoring our grass. The grass was a big project. After last summer the sod was mostly dead. We had to start over this fall from seed and thankfully with a little reseeding in the spring we have a new lawn (I use that term 'lawn' loosely as we live in a townhouse and our area of grass is about 5 square feet).

Anyway, I regularly make DIY wreaths, seen here and here, for our front door, but other than that there's not much happening on our little front porch except for my mish mash of herb containers. I didn't want to spend any money on this area and I had a table I knew I could use to give it some height and a cleaner look.

Four years ago we bought this outdoor cafe table from Target to use on the deck we had then. It had definitely seen better days and although I thought about passing it off as "weathered" I decided to give her a quick face lift.

Enter Rustoleum. Mama loves her some spray paint. So much so, that last summer after watching me spray painting things (table, four chairs, two lamps, dresser, vanity, picture frames) in our backyard and garage for a month my sweet neighbor finally told me how she'd been watching me and couldn't believe the transformations she had seen. That's right, I'm officially known as the "Crazy Spray Painting Lady" in my neighborhood.

Back to my little table, I made a quick Home Depot trip to pick up my favorite spray paint: RustOleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2x in Satin finish. I chose a dark brown color called Espresso.

Listen, I'm not a professional, but I use spray paint A LOT. This stuff covers like a dream - in two very easy coats. Now our little table looks brand new and my corner is a little less cluttered. It's not exactly what I want, but it will do for now.

Spray paint: $2.99
Table: Free, already on hand

Meanwhile, I'm pinning like crazy, ideas and inspiration for where I want our outdoor decor to go. Have you heard of Pinterest yet? It's amazing. When I read design blogs I basically right click and save photos or links of ideas that I love or projects I want to do into a file on my desktop. With Pinterest you can "pin" and organize all your ideas online. I was lucky enough to get an email invite from one of my favorite inspiration blogs Domestically Speaking and now I have some to give away. Send me an email if you want to start pinning!


  1. okay im curious about pininterest...is it my new addiction???? :)

  2. Awesome! Spray paint can work some serious magic!


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