Friday, July 1, 2011

The List and AT Project #1

It's been 7 days post AT, aka my Alone Time days. We have had a busy and fun week as a family, but I've managed to keep up my enthusiasm and energy for finishing my home projects.

I wanted to come out of the gate full speed, and hit you with my favorite project but the entire thing wasn't done in the three days. I worked on some of the finishing touches tonight and hopefully will be able to share it soon.

Then I figured I should just start at the beginning and share with you The List.

It wasn't as wrinkled when I started, but after three days of being manhandled and toted around in my purse it was a little worse for the wear. You can see my "to do's" ranged from things as simple as thank you notes to more complex tasks like our master bedroom stencil (which I still haven't started). I didn't take a picture of the back, but it listed the items that fell under the organization/cleaning category like the laundry room cabinets, my kitchen junk drawer(s), the playroom, the garage, and my craft "corner".

With the Fourth of July in just a few days I decided that Project #1 should be my holiday wreath. I had searched at a few places looking for a festive wreath at a bargain price. When my search came up empty I decided to go OTC style and make my own.

I started with a 14" MDF wreath form for $1.99. I picked up 3" red satin ribbon for $3.99 and red, white and blue star garland for $1.99.

If you've never seen the MDF wreath forms before this is what they look like. They are available at most craft stores and some Walmarts. I got mine at Michaels. The wreaths range in size from 8" up to 24" and are thin and flat. I chose the MDF wreath because it's sturdier than the foam wreaths and I figured I can reuse it and recreate new wreaths year round.

Armed with $8 of supplies and my trusty hot glue gun, 10 minutes later I had this.

I wrapped the red ribbon around the frame, overlapping just a bit and hot gluing every 2 inches or so. After the ribbon was on I simply wrapped the star garland around and tied it off at the back. Using a Martha Stewart bow tying tutorial as my guide, I used the remaining red ribbon to make a bow and added three rhinestones in the middle for some extra Fourth of July bling. Before I hung it outside I gave it a good coat of Scotchguard for fabric (just so it will survive the month in the elements), and now my door is ready for the Fourth. All for less than $10!

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