Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 6 - Can't Keep Me From The North Shore

I woke up on Tuesday with a terribly painful sore throat and I was super cranky because of it.

In my typical stubborn fashion I ignored all offers for help, got dressed for our family walk, and just stayed as silent as possible.

We walked on the canal side this morning and enjoyed the views of the mountains. It was a long walk and halfway through my throat was really hurting and I felt miserable. By the time we circled around to the Waikiki side and made it to breakfast I was no longer putting up a fight.

I managed one bite on the verge of tears before I abandoned my meal, which is saying something because it was my favorite. Portuguese sausage, rice and eggs with ketchup...from McDonalds!

I agreed to let my Dad take me back to the same clinic Camden was at two days earlier. We didn't have to wait long, but as soon as the doctor asked me to open my mouth I knew something was wrong. He let out a long, low whistle and had the nurse get a cortisone shot ready. The official diagnosis was an ear/throat infection with a shot of cortisone to help reduce the swelling. I left with a prescrip for a z pack and feeling better than I had an hour earlier.

While my Dad was taking care of me, Gammy, Tata, TG and the kids were back at the hotel playing on the playground.

Our plan for the day was to visit the North Shore and I wasn't about to let a sore throat ruin those plans. After a quick stop at the pharmacy for my meds and chloraseptic we were on our way.

Our first stop was at Killer Tacos!

I was a little disappointed that their fish taco was made from Alaskan cod instead of something fresh and local, but the kahlua pork taco more than made up for it. YUM!

After a tasty lunch we continued down the coast towards Waimea Bay. The place was packed, but we got lucky and scored a spot in the tiny parking lot. Then we discovered the reason for the crowd. The surf was up!

We kept the kids back in a tide pool that had formed. Riley loved splashing in the tide pool.

Camden loved the view from Gampy's shoulders.

There were some people, mostly locals, out bodysurfing on the ridiculous waves. TG decided to give me a heart attack and join them. I wouldn't have been as concerned if I hadn't watched a 10 year old boy get slammed and a teenage girl nearly get sucked out to sea moments before. HE tried to reassure me that there was nothing to be worried about. Not even a wave that is more than twice his size...and he's 6'2.

Thankfully he heard the lifeguards yelling on the bullhorns about the really large set coming in and made tracks for the sand in time to avoid any danger. We all watched from a safe distance back as huge waves crashed on the shore and filled the tide pool again.

Meanwhie, Riley worked on a "fair-wee cas-well" in the sand.

Camden helped patrol the border.

While we were sitting on the sand we got to see something I've never seen on any of our Hawaii trips...whales! I was so excited to see them and it was even more special because we saw a mother and her calf. The calf was getting a lesson on breaching and it was simply amazing.

After an hour on the beach and the excitement of the whales, we were all ready for a cool treat, so we packed up the van and drove back to Haleiwa for shave ice at Matsumotos.

We had our fill of delicious shave ice with cream (but no kuzuki beans) before loading back up and driving along the windward coast. It's an amazing drive and a great chance to see some of the well known Oahu landmarks like Chinaman's Hat and the place where we honeymooned almost 7 years ago, Turtle Bay.

We took our time, parked at Sunset Beach for a bit to see the whales again, and then made our final stop at a local secret for dinner. We hit up Giovanni's truck for some to die for fresh Kahuku shrimp and the chance to leave our mark with a sharpie. :)

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