Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bear's Den

The best part about TG's job is that he has the summers off, which leaves our little family free for impromptu day trips and adventures.

A few weeks ago, we woke up to an unusually cool summer day. You know the ones I'm talking about right? Where the sky is perfectly blue, the sun is shining, a few clouds are floating by and it's warm but not humid. I was so excited when TG suggested hiking because we had a blast at Great Falls this spring.

We thought about heading back to the falls, but we've been wanting to try Bear's Den for a while. So I packed our backpack with a picnic lunch and we headed West.

Riley was very excited to go hiking again.

When we arrived we sort of winged it, chose a path and started walking.

Camden was exploring and walking way off the beaten path which was fine until it got a little harder to navigate.  Then TG took over and I got my favorite picture of my two guys to date.

The nature path made a small circle around the hostel and ended out on the trail that joins with the A&T trail.

There was a beautiful rock wall that we stopped to take pictures on.  Can you believe how old she looks?  She is such a big girl now.

1 out of 3 smiling, 2 out of 3 looking at the camera, we take what we can get.

We also discovered this tree with a branch that was perfect for perching small children on.  TG was just out of the shot making sure she didn't topple.

Of course little man had to have a turn too.  We opted for a lower branch for him.  If you look closely you can just barely make out TG's arm behind Camden.  Cam loved it up there!

We went about a 1/4 mile down on the main path and had no clue where the actual overlook was.  So we circled back around to the hostel for a map and a picnic lunch.  Camden tried knocking, but no one was home.

After we filled our bellies and consulted the map it was back out again in search of the overlook.  Riley wanted to run and jump.

We finally made it out on the bluffs.  See that blue sky I was talking about?  The visibility was great that day and you could see for miles.  TG was showing our babies the hawks circling in the sky.

She was thrilled to be there, she was not thrilled to be forced into photo ops.  Sometimes when we ask her to smile we get this face.  She said, "Okay, I'm happ-dee now, take my pitch-der".

Camden loved our adventure too and tried to lock us in on our way out.  

We are looking forward to going back again in the fall.  If you live in our area you should definitely check this trail out!

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