Sunday, July 3, 2011

Seen and Heard


Little man is ready for some summer fun.

Clearly so is our sweet Sassy girl.

Toy tea party, the gang's all here.

Someone so tired from his day that he passed out on the couch with Riley and I.

The cutest little ant we ever did see.


While we were out and about yesterday Riley found three pennies, when we got home I asked her if she wanted to put them in her piggybank...

Riley: Ohh ooo ooo! I'm a riiiiiiich!

We've stopped giving Riley naps because some nights when I would go in to check on her before I went to bed (at 11) she would be laying there awake. So by bedtime she is exhausted.
Me: Come up here and lay down sweetie.
Riley: Good, cause I'm a tired girl.

Running through the house when she got back from her week at Gigi and Papa's.
Me: I've been a busy girl.
Riley: Yes you have Mama!
Riley: Oooh I like your pitch-ders.
Riley: Ohhh I like dem new pill-dows.
Riley: Ohhh you fixed dat V!
Running into her room.
Riley: What's new in here?!?

Gesticulating wildly at my water bottle.
Camden: Wan summmm! Wan summmm!

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