Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stickin' It

Little man is a picky eater.

Or so we thought, until one day I was having a conversation with my friend about the samples at Harris Teeter that went something like this.

Me: Camden doesn't really eat hot dogs, but he loves corn dogs. What's up with that?
Friend: Because it's on a stick. Actually kids like anything on a stick. It's true. When my kids were little my husband came up with the great idea to feed them food on toothpicks. They would gobble down things they wouldn't normally eat like ham or grapes.
Me: I wonder if Camden would eat things just because they are on toothpicks.

Turns out he does.

At first he kept picking them up and setting them back down.

Then he tasted one.

And decided that they were yummy enough to eat.

Yay for toothpicks!

It's not just hot dogs either. The other night he ate his entire mini burger on toothpicks too. Who knew? Not me, but I'll be using the trick for as long as I can.

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