Friday, July 29, 2011

LKA: Riding The Waves

Riley can ride the jet ski tube alone, but if she's going on "the or-an-juh" tube, TG has to go with her. It's not because she's afraid, it's because I'm afraid.

Just check out her sweet adrenaline junky face.

We thought her first tube ride at 18 months was pretty daring, but her brother has her beat. After two days of listening to him whine and tantrum about everyone else having all the fun, we decided to give him a turn. He couldn't have moved his little feet any faster off the back of the boat if he tried. I was actually holding him back so he wouldn't slip and fall in.

He was so serious and completely ready to ride.

Is this a smug, 'Ha, told you I'm a big boy face' or what?

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