Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seen and Heard


Eat your heart out Fancy Nancy. Riley is very into dressing herself up in all combinations of outfits these days. She will put everything on, take everything off over and over again all the while walking in and out of our door saying hello, and some version of bye, see you soon, love you this much. It's so darn cute. Notice the "venture" hat her Gampy got her. It goes with every outfit.


Riley "swadding" her doll up on the floor over and over again while I feed Camden.

Me: Hey Ry, can you bring brother's lotion to me?
Riley: Yes, okay Mommy. I swadding my baby. Jus give me one second.

Clearly she's heard 'just give me one second' a few times lately.


  1. Too cute. I think that Kyle hears "just a second a lot too." Patience is a good thing, at least that is what I always tell him. Ha! :)


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