Sunday, May 23, 2010

3 weeks and going strong

Camden has been here three weeks. I thought time flew by with Riley, but with him it's just ridiculous. I guess because I'm so busy taking care of my darling first born as well as my sweet second born I don't have a spare minute to stop and think.

So far the most difficult part of managing two has been the potty. Especially if we are out and about and I can't just take off running with her to the nearest one. Poor Riley has already had an accident because I couldn't get to her fast enough. And poor Camden has already experienced several times of being yanked away from his "meal" so I can get her to the toilet.

The other funny thing is how his little sounds don't make me worry so much. With Riley every little noise would make me rush in and pick her up. With Camden I don't go check unless he's crying...continuously for a minute or so. I also never laid her down by herself for the first month AT LEAST. Cam already takes regular naps in his pack and play.

Other than that we're settling into sort of a routine which if I remember correctly changes every month just as you get used to it. Oh well, such is the sweet life with a newborn. He lets me snuggle him as much as I want and you can bet I'm taking every second of that I can get!

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  1. So precious, I am glad to hear that Riley has taken to being the big sister! :)


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