Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seen and Heard


Camden riding in the sling because he fa-reaked out today when I laid him down to change Riley's crib sheets. It was the first time he's really cried and I had to let him do it for about 3 minutes because changing crib sheets is hard enough without a little man attached to you. Anyway, after his mini screamisode I hauled out my hot sling which he'll be just small enough to use for maybe another 4 pounds. He loved it and snuggled right in. This is a relief because I'm going to need it for the two doctor appointments (one for me, one for Cam) I have to go to next week with him and Riley in tow.

Riley and Camden in the double stroller ready to head out for a quick stroll. The weather was gorgeous Friday morning so I loaded up the kiddos and headed out for a walk around the block. I felt good, but didn't want to overdo it. Both of my babies seemed to love it so hopefully we'll be able to make that part of the daily routine.


Fire engine siren
Me: Riley, do you hear that fire truck?
Riley: Yes, Ma, yes I hear it. Where is it?
Me: Over there I think.
Riley: Wanna see it.
Me: Oh, it's far away honey.
Riley: Okay, I gonna need "noculars" (puts her hands up to her eyes)

Where does she learn this stuff?!?!


  1. Adorable! Don't kids amaze you?! The things that they pick up and learn. It also looks like your two like the stroller which is great!

  2. love her! We're game to stroll whenever you want to! He sure looks sweet in that sling!


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