Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Missing Her Friends

I think Riley is missing her friends. This afternoon while Cam napped in his bouncy seat I ran around like a mad person doing laundry, dinner prep, and cleaning. I had set Riley up with some "markeders", "colyours" and paper at the table, but when I emerged form the laundry room she had disappeared.

I found her downstairs in my room watching "rat tootie" on the Disney channel with her new friends.

Bless her lonely heart, the poor thing had all three of them lined up on the seat next to her and she kept asking them what their name was and how old they were. She then instructed me to say hello to her friends "Tinkdeybell, Baby, and Princess". Right now she's napping with all three of her litte friends with her.

We might be needing to schedule a playdate with some real friends soon.

And just in case you wondered what the little guy is looking like these days.


  1. oh we miss our friends too! Let's try to get together next week...don't have much going on so let me know what works for you...Hamilton Park picnic might be in order if it's not too hot for your little man!

  2. Lindsay! My long lost friend! Love keeping up with your fam on your blog. Camden is so stinkin cute, and I can't believe how tall and grown up Riley is (and of course looking cute as ever too)!


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