Friday, May 7, 2010

1 week old

Our little guy has been with us for one week and two days and we just couldn't be happier. Yes, we are doing some adjusting like working on giving our two year old the attention she needs and reacclimating ourselves to interrupted sleep. But in the grand scheme of things it's minor blips in a life that we feel truly blessed to have.

So far Camden is a doll baby, very chill and happy as long as he's fed. Slowly as the days go by he's spending more time awake and he's very alert. He especially loves when RB is holding him and singing to him.

Case in point. Here's the two loves of our lives on Camden's 1 week birthday. He even looks like he's smiling a little.

Our little man and his timeline buddy, Lambie.

The time is already flying by and we can't wait to continue to share our life and adventures with you as a new family of four.


  1. He DOES look like he's smiling! So cute! And Zaden has those same jammies..w/out the feet!

  2. Love the PJs! Super cute and you are going to have to catch Riley singing to Camden on video!


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