Tuesday, October 22, 2013


For Valentine's Day this year I gave my hubs tickets to the Tosh.0 June Gloom tour - but the show wasn't until June.

Actually the show was the same night we got back from the beach - which made leaving the beach a little easier. This show was also the kick off to our kids week long stay at Gigi and Papa's house for vacation bible school. Matt and I haven't been alone together for more than a date night since Riley has been born so naturally we were a little excited about the idea of 6 days of time together as a couple.

Gigi and Papa's house is on our way home from the beach so we stopped in there to get Riley and Camden settled in. It was hard to say good-bye, especially to Camden who hasn't been away from us for so long before. I cried as we were driving away, but then TG turned up the radio and grabbed my hand and it felt like 2002 riding in the Del Sol again.

We had a leisurely, lovely, QUIET drive home and after a quick nap we got dressed and met our friends for the drive into D.C. The plan was to grab dinner somewhere before the show, but the traffic was much worse than we had anticipated due to some other events that were going on in the same area we were going to. I was HANGRY with a capital H and was feeling like a petulant child in the back seat as my husband rattled off a list of last minute suggestions like Subway. But then I saw this and everything was okay.

Reunited and very excited to see TOSH!

Best date night ever.

We found a restaurant right across the street from the theatre so by the time the show started we were relaxed, sated and ready to laugh!

The show was a smidge past borderline inappropriate and absolutely hilarious.  I had a cramp from laughing by the time Daniel was thru his set.  But I learned that Daniel and I are eerily similar in that, yes, we know guacamole is extra.

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