Monday, October 21, 2013

SML 2013

For the third summer in a row we went back to Smith Mountain Lake for a group family vacation.

We didn't waste our time getting into summer relaxation mode!  We were packed and on the way to the lake as soon as school was out. Upon arrival we quickly donned swimsuits and headed down to the little beach area on our favorite rental property.

The water was a little colder in June, but we still enjoyed swimming around the cove. This year 5 of the 6 kids were old enough to swim with floaties!   Under close supervision of an adult enjoying float time of their own, of course.

The property has a super long driveway, perfect for down hill races.  There's plenty of room for chalk drawing too.  Hubs graciously took requests from the gaggle of little girls.

Speaking of little girls. Here's 4 of the 5 cutie pies ready for a golf cart ride to the marina.

No tie-dye tees this year, but we did manage to get a pretty cute family pic.

And one of my babies being silly.

The lovely marina staff gave all of the kids popcorn to feed to the carp that hang out by the dock.

Little man was more interested in eating the popcorn himself, so his was gone in double time.

There is an awesome fire pit area in the backyard perfect for roasting marshmallows and making s'mores.

Somone had more than his fair share of the tasty treats.

After a day of rain we were so relieved to see the sun shining on our last day!  This was our second year renting a boat from the marina that's just around the corner from our house.  

Sassy is an old boating pro.  She loves nothing more than to be out on the water with the wind in her hair.

We swung around to the section of lake by the dam.  It's got a perfect area for circling and tubing.  Almost everyone on board took a turn this year!  Even me, though I insisted on slow speed.  My kids on the other hand were shouting for us to go "Faster and faster!".

The view from our corner of the lake is amazing.   I know they aren't quite the Rocky Mountains, but Smith Mountain isn't too shabby.

After we took the rest of the crew back to the house for lunch, our little family went back out in search of the emerald green water we had seen on a golf cart ride a few nights before. It was beautiful!  Sadly the photo doesn't really capture how green it was. It was also FREEZING in there, but the kids and I braved the temps for a swim.

Even though I'm excited for all the fall fun and the holidays, just looking at these photos makes me wish it was summer again already.

By this point the sun was behind the clouds and we were all a little chilly so we slowly made our way back to the marina.

We are so thankful for the chance to get away and enjoy time with our friends on this beautiful lake. Until next summer SML!

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