Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OBX 2013 - So Long Until Next Year

On our last morning at the beach I remembered that I hadn't taken a picture of my kids with their names in the sand yet.

Someday I will make a book showing the progression of all the beaches they have been on in their lives.  OBX 2013 wasn't our best shot, but they are full of personality.

She wrote her own name this year.

Most mornings beachside started off with them splashing at the waters edge.  Growing bolder and heading further out into the surf with every inch the sun gained on the sky.

Then while Camden busied himself with the rake and seaweed, Riley ran laps between TG and I.

I hope she always loves to run as much as she does now.

The sun finally started to warm things up and TG took them both out for a swim.

Camden loves to hold our hands and jump over the waves.

Riley retreated to her towel to suntan for a bit. I'll admit, I love that she's content to sit still for a while in the sun with me. She even borrowed Gigi's ipod to listen to some tunes while she lounged.

Camden joined the party too.

With the kiddos finally subdued and distracted, Hubs took off for some boogie boarding time with his family.

Brother and Sister boogie boarding time!

It wasn't long before Riley realized that they were surfing without her.

She was not happy she couldn't go out there with them.  Thankfully Gigi was waiting and they looked for shells together.

"Hey guys, what about me? I play too?"

He got some Gigi snuggle time in first.

Before playing tag.


The weather could not have been more perfect for our last day and we stayed down by the water as long as we could doing more of the same, trying to soak up enough of the Outer Banks to last us through another winter.

We are very thankful that Gigi and Papa take us all together on this trip every year.  Our children love it there and the whole time they are full of smiles and laughter.  Nothing means more to me than seeing my children happy and enjoying time with their family.

Until next year - we love you OBX!

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