Monday, October 21, 2013

OBX 2013 - Day 1

Usually we go OBX and then SML in August one week after the other. This year we went two months early and in reverse. Packing up to leave the lake isn't too sad when you know you're heading for the Outer Banks!

A couple years ago, we learned the hard way to leave early when we head for the beach, so we arrived way before our house was ready. Thankfully it was hot and gloriously sunny so we parked our car at the house, pulled a driveway deck change, and ran for the water.

Hello OBX, we missed you!

The water was FREEZING.  So Riley and Camden would dash into the water, squeal loudly, and then spend time in the sun warming up.

Or eating.

Time to hit the waves!

It was too cold for pretty much everybody, but Riley who insisted on boogie boarding all day.  Thankfully her Daddy was willing to take one for the team.

TG finally pulled her out of the water and she laid out in the sun for a bit.  Hello, 5 going on 16!

Hubs and little man warmed up man style and tossed the football around.

We spent hours on the beach that day because everyone was just so happy to be there!

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