Monday, October 21, 2013

OBX 2013 - Day 2

Every morning, after breakfast, we donned swim suits, loaded up all the gear and took the short walk to the beach.

Thankfully we had some helping hands this year.

Like our darling surfer girl.

And our little man who has to do everything just like his sissy does.

There was a big storm over night and the current changed bringing in the warmer water.  It was pretty overcast so we were thankful the water wasn't arctic any more.

Camden would not believe that the water was warmer and opted to stay out on dry land.  He got to work building a sand castle.

While Riley played soccer on the sand with Daddy.

Eventually, we were able to convince Camden that the water was not as frigid as the day before.

"I'm coming water!!!"

Meanwhile, Riley was out riding the waves again.

After a bit it started to rain and it was getting chilly down by the water.  We hurried home, took warm showers and ended day 2 snuggled in the big bed watching a show.

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