Friday, March 4, 2011

Seen and Heard


Funny lil man showing you his big chompers.

Hey Mom, take a pick-shers of me and Sheriff Woody.

Mr. non stop mobile.

Either had a glitch or flying from Kansas City just got a hell of a lot more expensive...


Riley: Hey Mom, guess what? I gots a day-bee in my bell-wee.
She's rubbing her belly.
Me: Oh really?
Riley: Yes, it's a day-bee doy.
Riley: He's comin soon. Den I gonna go's to w-iv at Char-wotte's house.
Me: You're leaving me?
Riley: Yep.
Me: Where will you sleep?
Riley: In Char-wotte's room.
Me: Where will your baby sleep?
Riley: sighing as if I'm slow, bothering her, or both... In day-bee An-fer-knee's room.

Riley and I cuddling in my bed watching a show before her bedtime. She's holding my hand and my ring is twisted around backwards.
Riley: I fa-wix you wing Mom.
Me: Oh thanks bug.
Riley: I wants a wing too Mom.
Me: You have lots of rings Sass.
Riley: sighs. But, but, but I wants a biiiiiiiig wing.
Me: laughing
Riley: Oh, I wubs you Mom.

Before she went to bed the night before I told her I was going to the gym and that I would be riding the bike. This morning when I went in to get her up for the day...
Riley: Oh hi Mom! Hi! I awake! Those dump ta-wucks are being so w-oud.
Me: Good morning sweetie.
Riley: Dids you have fun ridin you bike?
Riley: I hopes you had fun a-cause I mee-ssed you.

Riley waiting for me to open the sliding door to our van.
Riley: To infinity, and beyond!


  1. I can't believe how many teeth he has! My snaggle tooth pales in comparison. :)

    The Seen and Heard is hilarious. She has such a personality.

  2. Such cuties! And those ticket prices are KILLER! Weird glitch!


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