Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OTC: Sweet Little Aprons

For Riley's third birthday, among other things, my mom gave her this sweet tiny apron to use for cooking and crafting. Gammy ordered the apron from a friend of hers and it is adorable. Riley loves it so much and while I was looking at the stitching and details I realized that the pattern was fairly easy. I decided to give sewing a similar apron a try as birthday presents for several of Riley's little friends.

Step 1: I used Riley's apron to trace a pattern onto a recycle brown paper bag.
Step 2: I picked a very bright, fun patterned fabric from IKEA.
Step 3: I traced the pattern onto the backside of the fabric using a Crayola crayon.
Step 4: I cut out the fabric and using a coordinating ribbon I pinned it to the edges to make a finished edge instead of hemming it.
Step 5: I used a scrap of fabric, cut it into a thin rectangular piece and as I fed it through the sewing machine I bunched it to make a ruffle trim.
Step 6. Sew the ribbon hem and attach the ruffle.

Here's the finished product!

Seriously, the IKEA fabric, so affordable ($1.99/yd) and so fun. SA-WOOOOON.

In all it's ruffly, ribbony goodness.

Riley's was monogrammed, but hello do you know how much they charge for putting a name on something these days? So until my dream of owning one of those machines myself comes true, I decided to use a glittery puff paint to write the names of the little girls top center.

If you are a beginning sewer this is a project you can do! Feel free to email me for more detailed instructions or if you have questions.


  1. Hey, love it. I do have a friend who monograms here in phoenix just cause she has one of those machines. Check craigslist or the "craft book of cards" at Joanns (you have to ask to see a list of individuals who do craft work in the area - people leave their cards and joanns puts it in a book?). It should cost $4-6/name. Just a thought. Did it for our stockings. Very cute idea! Love it!

  2. We love our apron you made for Audrey! Wow-IKEA does have cheap fabric! I've always wanted to buy some from there because it's so cute too.


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