Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Chef and Tiny Chef Unite!

On one lazy day my littles and I decided to break out something we discovered in the baking aisle at the Teeter.

Choco-brownie-chips. Enough. Said.

My little chef was eager to begging to lick the spatula every step of the way. I managed to hold her off until I had finished using it.

What, you don't wear a fluffy feather tiara when you bake? That's odd.

She licked that thing with gusto and a little of her trademark sass.

At this point Tiny Chef started to protest, loudly, about being left out of the fun. So I gave him a spoon of his own.

Hello. I'm in love.

Someone managed to skip out on the dishes, by informing me that there was a "pitchers that just needs to be col-warred Mom". I need to remember that tactic for tomorrow night after dinner.

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