Friday, March 11, 2011

Great Falls

A few weeks ago TG and I were sitting on the couch reminiscing about our time in Charlotte, NC when we were DINKYPOPS. One of our favorite activities used to be hiking at Blowing Rock, Chimney Rock or Grandfather Mountain. We haven't done any hiking since we moved to VA which was almost 6 years ago.

We were already looking for something to do outside with the kiddos on that day and when TG mentioned hiking I suddenly remembered several Facebook friends posting pictures of their families at Great Falls.

It wasn't exactly gorgeous weather, but it was warm enough so we decided to give it a go. After Camden took his morning nap I packed a light picnic lunch, TG bundled the kiddos up in layers and we made the quick drive to Great Falls Park.

Snug as a bug and ready to go.

While on the path from the car to the first overlook Riley found a walking stick and proceeded to "pokes it in the muds" every chance she got.

She could hear the waterfall.

Practicing her rock climbing skills that she would put to good use later in the day.

At the first overlook.

The view and the sound of all that rushing water was breathtaking.

TG wore Cam in the Ergo on his back the entire time. Camden loved it.

After checking out the falls from the three overlooks we headed off the trail and did a small climb carefully down the cliffs to a little beach by the water. Riley was in heaven throwing pebbles by the handful into the river.

We ate our lunch down here and gave little man a break from the Ergo.

As we were posing for this shot a park ranger helicopter came swooping in from our right over the rocks and flew low over the river, circling a few times before heading out. Riley and Camden loved it.

After lunch and all the helicopter excitement I spent a little while sitting on the rocks, holding Cam, and watching the water while Riley kept throwing pebbles.

See? In heaven.

I let Cam put his toes in the shell sand.

Then it was time to call it a day and head back up the hill.

Riley is a natural climber. I kept close to her, but she wanted to do it "alls by myselfs" and she did. She might have jumped in as many mud puddles as possible as she climbed.

We had the perfect day and we can't wait to go back again.

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  1. It looks absolutely beautiful there! What a great day!


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