Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seen and Heard

Last Thursday we had to stay home all day because the carpet people were coming to install the playroom carpet. The kiddos were getting a little stir crazy and I was running out of ideas until I stumbled upon a can of shaving cream that I had.

Shaving cream meet Riley.

I just squirted some on a cookie sheet and gave her some toys to play with. She was so funny because she was very tentative at first and kept looking at me to make sure it was really okay. Then she jumped in whole heartedly and had a good time. The bonus was her arms were really soft for the rest of the day. :)


TG moving her stuff down to the newly finished playroom.
Me: Riley, look! Daddy is moving your table downstairs.
Riley: hyperventilating and taking deep breaths.
OH NO! I can't wook!

TG: Riley, want to go get a smoothie?
Riley: Hmm, no thank you. Not today.

Digging in her dress up box.
Me: Hey, whatcha doing Riley?
Riley: Playing dwess up.
Putting hands on her hips.
Let me see here.


  1. Shaving cream is SOOO much fun! I love the moving the playroom stuff comment...she is a hoot!

  2. great idea! I'm using that one for winter play...that and "play rice"


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