Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend


You think a girl would relax on her last three days of summer vacation.

If that's the case you don't know me.

Three days with the hubs at home = three days I have extra hands to help with the kids while I try to knock out some of my home projects.


We have had this media shelf since before we were married. When I first bought it for $10 it was bare pine. I stained it a dark cherry color so it would match our armoire and we used it for all of our DVDs.

When we moved in here this summer we put it into the nursery to hold Cam's books and little toys. All of his furniture is black so it's been bothering me that it didn't match. While I had out my little can of semi gloss black I tackled this table too.

This piece has been living in the corner at the bottom of our stairs in our new house. I like it there, but it too was a natural wood color. All of our living/dining room stuff is black, so buh-bye wood.

I love it now that it's black, but I'm perplexed as to what to do about the hole in the top. It used to be in my kitchen and I stored all my cookbooks on the lower shelf and I had a potted plant sitting in the top.

I've been thinking about using a charger with a seasonal display and some type of cloche on top. Any ideas out there bloggies??? On to the third (but not final) piece of my weekend.

I know, I know I've already painted our table and chairs, but about a month and 1/2 worth of use by a messy toddler and her equally messy Mommy and I discovered that I should have put a poly coat on top. So after a new smooth coat of black on the top I added a thin layer of polyurethane on to protect my work. (That stuff had an awful smell to it, so if you ever decide to polyurethane I'd suggest picking a day where you can open all the windows).

I'm covered in paint and my wrists are killing, but my to do list got a little shorter. It will stay that way as long as I can manage to refrain from reading all the design blogs out there!

Which if you know me is not likely. :)


  1. You are so darn crafty! Come to my house and make some window shades, will you? Pretty please?!

    Miss you!

  2. You? are brave to take on all that painting! It looks great though!


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