Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little Car Helper

Riley is the best big sister and I tell her so everyday. I am very thankful that she is at an age where she can be helpful and loving to her little brother. She loves making him laugh and smile and even keeps him entertained for a few minutes here and there when I am trying to finish up something.

She is especially helpful in the car. Camden is not a paci baby so he doesn't have much going for him when we take car rides. He is starting to enjoy a little "lovie" that we have and occasionally his fingers, but they don't have quite the same silencing magic that a pacifier does.

Riley to the rescue! She smiles and talks to him from the back seat and as soon as we are parked she immediately hops out of her seat and sits right next to him singing and saying things like, "Don't worry lil buddy Mommy coming rescue you right now!"

Hopping up in her designated spot.

Helping to keep things under "come-troll".

Heart melting sweetness.


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