Sunday, September 5, 2010

Seen and Heard


Riley enjoying the last scorching days of August at the fountains and trying out "gobbles" for the first time. She begged me to take a picture of her and then said, "Let me see dat pitcher!".


TG: That's pretty cool Riley.
Riley: No Daddy, dats not chool, that's awesome!

Buddy is walking up the stairs.
Riley: No Buddy. Get down here right now. My baby brudder is aseeeping!

Riley: Oooh Mommy, dat a princess costume store?
Me: Looking at David's Bridal display window. Yes, Riley that's a princess costume store.
Riley: I wanna wear dat princess Mommy. I wanna wear dat princess right now!

Riley: tooting
I tooted.
Hmm, I stinky.
Toot maboot!
Smuse me.

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