Saturday, September 25, 2010

Don't Turn Around

Look here.

It's impossible to have my eyes on both of my children every second. So I make sure if I can't see them both that Camden is safe from harm.

If you're judging that statement it's likely you probably only have one kid or no kids. Or like I said to someone today judgey wudgey was a bear. You know, if the shoe fits.

Anywho, I was feeding Camden in the highchair today and Riley was looking at her Fancy Nancy sticker book at my feet. I turned around for 30 seconds to get my little food monster another jar of baby food from the cupboard.

When I turned back I saw this.

Disclaimer: If you're thinking the criminal act here was someone making him wear the Patriots bib, it wasn't. His Steelers bib was in the wash.

I said, "Riley, did you put stickers on your brother's face?"
"Umm...yes. Isn't he just gorrr-jus Mommy? I fink he needs just a leedle bit more."
"OOOH take my pitcher too!"


  1. I love reading your "riley speak"...and camden and the stickers...priceless!

  2. That's hilarious.
    My brother-in-law tried to force the Patriots on my son in the form of a jersey.


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